Don't Touch Me is an application that triggers alarm when somebody touch screen or move your PDA (when supported accelerometer is available).


  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 (should work on WM 6.0 & 5.0)
  • Compatible accelerometer (G-sensor)  (tested on HTC devices), works without it if touch alarm is enabled
  • Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.5 (download from Microsoft)

Development thread you will find on XDA-Developers.

See also Birthday Reminder .

  • register move and raise alarm
  • register touch and raise alarm
  • log events to file
  • can playback sound on alarm
  • can send SMS on alarm
  • can take photo on alarm
  • can wakeup on alarm
  • can bring up to front on alarm
  • can minimize itself on arm
  • can switch phone to sleep mode on alarm
  • can switch phone to sleep mode on arm
  • can run selected program on arm
  • user-defined sensivity of move detection
  • user-defined time of all alarm stages
  • user define code to deactivate alarm (empty on startup)
  • skin support
  • multilanguage support
  • can be armed/disarmed via command line parameters
  • multilanguage support (currently: English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Swedish, Russian)

Tested accelerometer devices: HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, Samsung Omnia (with HTCemu).

Demo limitations: works only 5 minutes after arm

Integration informations:
Applications stores own state in registry path HKLM\Software\Dally\DTM in key CurrentState. Supported values:

  • 0 - disarmed/inactive
  • 1 - waiting for arm
  • 2 - armed
  • 3 - warning
  • 4 - alarm

Command line parameters:
Main DTM executable:

DTM [-a] [-ac] [-am]
-a - arm immediately after start
-ac - arm immediately after start and close GUI
-am - arm immediately after start and minimize GUI


DTM Main screen DTM Activation settings DTM Alarm settings DTM Activation settings DTM GUI settings  DTM Alarm Deactivation Panel

GUI explantation (v1.0.0.0):

0. Description

There are two user interface version (GUI). First is classic Windows Mobile look for devices not supported OpenGL. Second is skinned interface powered by OpenGL.

1. Main Screen

  •  Arm/Disarm button - arm/disarm alarm
  • Menu->Settings - show settings window
  • Menu->About - show about window
  • Menu->Exit - exit application

 When you arm alarm at bottom of main screen can be displayed two red panels. Left panel indicate warning/alarm (yellow/red), right panel indicate movement (red).

 2. Settings Window:

2.1 Arm Tab

  • Arm delay (s) - Time in seconds between Arm command and arm action.
  • minimize when armed - If checked, GUI window will minimize after arm.
  • prevent minimize - If checked, program window will be always on top.
  • go to sleep when armed - If checked, device go to suspend/unattended mode after arm.
  • run program after arm - Path to program which will start after alarm arm.
  • Parameters - Command-line parameters for selected program.

 2.2 Disarm Tab

  • Change disarm code - Check this if you want to change code needed to disarm (by default code is empty)
  • Enter new code - There you must enter new disarm code.
  • Repeat new code - There you must reenter new disarm code.

2.3 Alarm Tab

  • touch alarm - If checked, most of screen touches will raise warning and alarm stages.
  • enable g-sensor - If checked, detected movments will raise warning and alarm stages.
  • Sensitivity (x.x) - Sensitive of movement detection. Greater means longest movement is needed to detect.
  • Alarm quiet time (s) - Time in seconds, without any event (touch or move) needed to stop alarm stage.
  • Warning time (s) - Time in seconds of warning stage, when new events (touch or move) doesn't trigger alarm stage. After this time starts "Warning quiet time".
  • Warning quiet time (s) - Time in second of warning stage, when new events (touch or move) triggers alarm stage. After this time without any event alarm is canceled.
  • show deactivation panel - If checked, on alarm you will see disarm panel.
  • wake up device on warning - If checked, device will wakeup also in warning stage.
  • restore window on warning - If checked, program window will be restored also in warning stage.
  • go to sleep after alarm - If checked, after alarm stage device will return to suspend/unattended mode.
  • Take photos - If checked, in alarm stage photos will be taken.
  • HTC front camera (experimental) - If checked, front camera in HTC devices will be used. This is experimental function and may work improperly.
  • Number of photos - How many photos should be take.
  • Delay between photos - Time in seconds to delay between photos.
  • Images folder - Path to folder where photo files will be stored.

2.4 Sound Tab

  • enable sounds - If checked, available sounds will be played if needed.
  • force volume - if checked, all sounds will be played with specified volume.
  • Arm sound - Path to sound file played when arm.
  • Warning sound - Path to sound file played when warning stage triggers.
  • Alarm sound - Path to sound file played when alarm stage triggers.
  • Disarm sound - Path to sound file played when disarm.

2.5 Phone Tab

  • disable alarm for incoming call - If checked, alarm will not be triggered when call is coming.
  • send SMS on alarm - If checked, in alarm SMS will be sent.
  • Phone number for SMS - Target phone number for SMS.
  • SMS text - SMS message. You can use #T# sequence to insert alarm time and #D# to insert date of alarm.

2.6 Log Tab

  • enable log - If checked, every program action will be saved in log file.
  • Log folder - Folder where log files will be stored.

 2.6 GUI Tab

  • Skin - Select skin for user interface (available only in OpenGL skinned version).
  • Language - Select user interface language.
  • haptic feedback - If checked, touch will raise short vibration.
  • force native GUI - Force Windows Mobile native look (no skin supported).



Buy registration code

Buy a registration code by PyPal (or credit card). After transaction, within 24 hours you will receive a registration code corresponding to given owner name. The owner name is shown on registration tab in Settings window and must be provided to get valid registration code. After registration time limit will disappear. Registration also includes future versions of program.

By PayPal or Credit Card (2 EUR)
Owner name:

or on

Buy it on

Get your free registration code: make translation for non supported languge and send it to author.
To make translation use file Language.template as template. You will find it in application root directory.

To Do

Current work:

  • disarm by light sensor code 
  • send email on alarm 
  • update options GUI   
  • bug fixes (always, if any)   
  • preparing distribution package & documentation

Future work:

  • Phone call support (out) 
  • GPS support
  • mp3 support
  • and probably many others funcs ;)
Available downloads
 TitleDescriptionSize Clicks
DTM v1.0.0.2 cabDTM v1.0.0.2 cab file (copy to device and run)1.50 MBDownload27857
DTM v0.4.0 cabDTM v0.4.0 cab file (copy to device and run)780.59 KBDownload20859
Italian for 1.0.0Italian language file for version 1.0.0. Unzip to application directory3.01 KBDownload1563
Swedish for language file for version 1.0.0. Unzip to application directory2.96 KBDownload1429
Romanian for 1.0.0Romanian language file for version 1.0.0. Unzip to application directory3.23 KBDownload1542
Russian for language file for version Unzip to application directory3.74 KBDownload1602
Greek for 1.0.0Greek language file for version 1.0.0. Unzip to application directory3.95 KBDownload1880
Greek for 0.4.0Greek language file for version 0.4.0. Unzip to application directory. (by GeoGeo)1.53 KBDownload2593
DTM v0.3.0Out of version information.0.15 KBDownload5522
DTM v0.2.0Out of version information.0.15 KBDownload7446
DTM v0.1.0Out of version information.0.15 KBDownload40773
Skinning helpShort description for skin creators.3.19 KBDownload4287
Sound Pack 1.1A set of sounds good for warning, arm/disarm and alarm.4.88 MBDownload9430
Change log

 version (18-03-2010)


  • application crash when About or Settings window was called on Touch HD2 in OpenGL mode

 version 1.0.0 (03-03-2010)


  • skinned GUI replaced by OpenGL skinned interface
  • replace dialogs for file/folder selection
  • improved "touch" alarm engine
  • due to huge changes remove translations for all languages (now support English & Polish)
  • fixed movment detection in "deep sleep"


  • main engine act like service
  • take photo on alarm

  version 0.4.0 (15-04-2009)


  • settings window
  • menu behavior in main screen


  • skin support for non main screen elements
  • new languages (Czech, French, Turkish)
  • fullscreen support
  • disable alarm during incoming call
  • touch alarm (alarm on screen touch, limited functionality)
  • send SMS on alarm
  • AppToDate support
  • event log  

version 0.3.0 (24-02-2009)


  • nothing important


  • skin support
  • multilanguage support (English, German, Polish)
  • command line support

version 0.2.0 (28-01-2009)


  • alarm logic (warning/true alarm stages)
  • settings window
  • nomenclature ;)


  • sound support for all actions (arm, warning, true alarm, disarm)
  • forced playback volume
  • wakeup on alarm
  • bring to front on alarm
  • sleep after alarm
  • integration informations (for other applications)
  • instalation cab contains predefined sounds


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