Don't Touch Me is an application that triggers alarm when someone moves your device or sound is detected.


  • Android 2.1
  • Compatible accelerometer

Available at Android MarketAndroid Market link for SmartphonesAndroid Market link for Desktop Computers

Development thread you will find on XDA-Developers.

Keep in mind that continuously movment check affects battery life, even if the phone will look at sleep.


If you want to improve the program, something you are missing it, visit the feedback page and share this idea with the author.

  • register move and raise alarm
  • register sound and raise alarm
  • raise alarm after disconnecting the charger
  • can playback sound on alarm
  • can send SMS on alarm
  • can send device location (GPS) via SMS (also as Google Map link)
  • can wakeup on alarm
  • can bring up to front on alarm
  • can minimize itself on arm
  • user-defined sensivity of move detection
  • user-defined sensivity of sound detection
  • user-defined time of all alarm stages
  • user define code to deactivate alarm (empty on startup)
  • multilanguage support (currently: English, Polish)

DTM Main screen DTM Main menu DTM detecting screen DTM disarm panel DTM Main settings screen


To Do

Current work:

  • update options GUI 
  • bug fixes (always, if any)   
  • preparing distribution package & documentation

Future work:

  • take photos on alarm
  • send email on alarm
  • and probably many others funcs ;)


Available downloads
 TitleDescriptionSize Clicks
Language template 1.3.0Zipped language template file for translators. Unzip and put somewhere on your device.
In settings select "Use external source" option . Then point "Language path" to location
where you stored template and now you can select language from your file.
2.05 KBDownload1257
Change log

version 1.3.0 (13-09-2011)


  • sound detector
  • ability to send location via SMS


  • buttons on main screen

version 1.2.0 (30-06-2011)


  • arm after screen off
  • "Improve me" menu item


  • buttons on main screen


  • wrong initial empty code

version 1.1.1 (22-03-2011)

  • incorrectly operated disarm code

version 1.1.0 (10-02-2011)


    • can alarming when power plug is disconnected
    • arming countdown


    • arming from on screen buttons
    • some UI improvements

 version 1.0.0 (18-01-2011 first release)

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